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Wellness Talks & Workshops

Are You A Group Or Organisation Looking For Support With Health & Wellness?

I create and deliver talks designed and based on your Diet & Lifestyle Needs or Requirements

One to One 12 Week Bespoke Coaching Program


  • Initial Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Assesment
  • Bespoke Meal Plans & Recipes to support your personal goals
  • Weekly wellness Goals & Diet Accountability
  • Regular professional support via your personal health coaching app for duration of program
  • Positive Mindset Manifestation Work



Online & Group Bespoke Programs


  • Online Stress buster Course – do it anytime, anywhere you have internet access
  • Move through the modules at your own pace
  • Each module includes a coaching video from me with valuable information, tools, education and recommendations relevant to that week’s theme.
  • 3 Week Group Program -Hydrate – Eliminate -Meditate
  • Bespoke wellness Group Programs



  • Raw Chocolate Snack Making
  • Vision Board Workshop
  • The Diet to Stress Less
  • Essential Oils for immunity, emotions and non toxic living
  • Being Mum Naturally



Truly life changing! 
I met Becky during a wellness week at my place of work. At this point in time, I was 2 stone heavier than I wanted to be, I had bad eating habits, I would sink about 10 cups of tea and coffee a day. I felt like I was permanently unwell with a cold, I was tired and low on energy. I was taking fluoxetine for anxiety and depression. I was over worked and stressed and always feeling like I was rushing but getting nowhere. So physically I was bloated, my skin was dry, and I was overweight, mentally, my head was chaotic, my mood swings were hard to manage, I was lacking in confidence and though I knew how I wanted to feel and where I wanted to be, I had no idea how to get there, so was pretty lost.

I immediately warmed to Becky’s warm, friendly and bubbly personality. Her kindess and lovely energy lifts you. She has extensive knowledge and experience on nutrition and wellbeing, and an amazing passion for helping people through these means. 
I signed myself up and have been working with Becky over the last 8 weeks. I am now a stone lighter and the weight is still coming off, this is through eating the right foods, which includes chocolate and doesn’t mean I have to starve myself! 😍 I have so much energy, I feel fitter than ever, I have a great sleeping pattern, I get up at every morning for a run before work (this was unheard of before). My mind is calmer, I have more clarity and focus in every aspect of my life. I have clear goals that I know I will achieve, I feel happy – without the aid of Fluoxitine as I have stopped taking these. My confidence has skyrocketed, I literally feel like a strong super woman who can do anything she puts her mind to. The journey over the last couple of months has been incredible. Having Becky’s support has brought me to where I really wanted to be, but never thought I could reach. She is such an uplifting and positive person to work with. She really understands everyone’s different journey’s and will help you reach your own personal goals so you feel every bit the amazing person you are. I love our bi-weekly catch-up’s so much as I come away feeling so positive and proud of myself. 
I would recommend Becky to everyone!

Alice Walker


Personalised Plan

    Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be

Online Courses

Support, information and guidance to ensure you achieve your goals and balance in your emotinal and physical life.

Bespoke one to one Support

Set your personal goals and work towards sustainable change, Create your personal blueprint

Interactive Habit Forming Sessions

Learn how to cook and what to cook with plant based sustainable affordable recipes