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Creative Visualization and the use of Vision Boards help you create a life of your dreams so you can stress less and live more. Stress related illnesses are costing employers time, resources and money are causing the family unit and relationships to crumble and are causing people from the age of children to adults to take their own lives.

This is a serious matter that is on the rise and must be acknowledged and dealt with as a matter of urgency.

So, what is the stress response and its purpose. Well as with all functions of the body it is designed to keep us safe, free from harm and happy. It is what kicks in when you need to escape from danger, the body diverts all its energies from the vital organs to the limbs, muscles and quick action brain which is great. Our problem is it is not switching off leaving us in a chronic state which I have covered in another blog.

Stress, Depression or and anxiety has its roots in both the physical and emotional body.

In a previous blog I have referenced easy, practical and essential tips to reduce cortisol in the body and stress less, I also run an online course on it which you can find here.

But what about the external influences that is our relationships and our work? I learnt myself that no matter how much kale juice and avococo mousse you consumed, if your life is full of unhealthy, unhappy life choices and relationships then you will crash and burn my friend.

Here lies our biggest problem of our time. From a child we are told what we should do and be and feel, then we go to school and are conditioned to believe that some tests will define us as a person and our whole future when we are still children with no solo life experience, then we all have belief systems about how we must look and how our relationship must be in order to fit in and be accepted by the crowd. But what if you don’t want the 2.4 children and the 9-5 slave wage job? What if you couldn’t give a shit about algebra or the battle of 1066 but yet you are dictated to every day, so much so you give in, you accept this is your reality, and your heart knows this is not your truth and your reality in fact sucks!!!

Something dangerous happens then, you are in danger of losing hope, losing sight of your dream that was given to you at birth. It is no coincidence that heart disease is still the biggest killer in the western world, when our dreams are crushed and taken from us, when we are told we are not enough daily in every direction we look in. Our heart becomes sad… IF YOU LET IT!

What is the way out of it?  Quite simply it is to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! We are not all the same, we are perfectly different in our ways and we need to reconnect with ourselves and who we are to love life again and chose to live with it with passion and purpose!

How do we do this? I am a big fan of the proven method of creative visualization using the vision boards and the circle of life tool.

Visualization Helps Create The Road Map To The Life You Dream Of

Rate your happiness, satisfaction and excitement levels from 1-10 1 being the lowest 10 the highest in the following key areas,

Finances, Career, Relationship, Family, Friends, Social Life, Spirituality, Health & Diet, Activity /Fitness and home.

Any areas that are low write down what you would like in those areas to look like for example if you are now in a toxic relationship or an emotionally void one or none at all, write down what that area would look like if it was a 10…. For example. I have a superhot lover who is also my best friend and we support eachother in all ways… We all want different things lol.  This is what I wanted, and I got it when I recognised I deserved to be happy that I, like you create my reality and it is time for you to create a good one.

When you have written what your 10 would look like then you can do one of two things, meditate on it daily, visualising yourself happy in that situation, where are you? What are the smells and the sounds? Who else is with you? Feel how happy this makes you.

Creative Visualization and The Vision Board Tool

Second option is to create a vision board of what you want in your life, it may be mantra, quotes, any images that make you FEEL excited and happy. It is that feeling that will being these things in to your reality. Put your board somewhere you see it daily, take a photo of it as your screensaver and imagine being there every day, living life your way!

That place in your mind that you are visualizing is the highest version of yourself, it is the life you have come here to lead. You deserve it, you are here just for that. To feel happy and abundant in every single area of your life, we are here for such a short time to stress less is an important goal, to live an love more. To connect with our self, to love our self and then to give back to the environment and ourselves to be givers and receivers.

This is our true essence as human beings not human doings. This is our heart happy place, this is our pathway to health and longevity. A life you are happy with and excited about naturally enables you to make the best choices for your physical and emotional health, addictions to sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex is all just band aids for a human being spending too much time doing and no time living.

Be the change you want to see in your life and remember if nothing changes nothing changes. We must take our power back and believe in something different. Visualization and connecting with the feelings in your heart is the key to creating real change in your life.

Take Daily Action to Stress Less and Live More

Know Your Worth, Love yourself First

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