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Stress is on the rise people and it is killing us LITERALLY. It is not just making us feel frazzled it is affecting our physical health as well as our emotional health as one can’t be well without the other! Now is the time to take action, Stress Less to Live More

When we suffer chronic stress, which is what the western world are so stuck in our body and mind cannot rest, repair and regenerate! The outcomes of all action on the mind and body and no rest are premature ageing, poor relationships, depression, heart disease, IBS, blood pressure issues, migraines, low libido, reduced fertility, anger, ME, fibromyalgia (from adrenal burnout) overwhelm, insomnia and sadness and premature death. Out of the 75% of chronic illness suffered today in the modern world 95% of them are triggered or worsened by living in the chronic stress state!

It is time to take your power back!

Emotions are energy in motion, when you are not living in line with your soul purpose or living with love for yourself and your life then it will send you physical or emotional illness as a signal for you to make a change and make it quick. Your body is the vessel for your soul, it wants to work with you, it wants you feel vibrant, energised and to live a happy and pain free life. It can only do this if you act daily to work on yourself!

Easy Daily Action Steps to Reduce Cortisol and Stress less


When we sleep our body processes the day, banks the thoughts, memories and clears the slate for the day to come, it repairs and regenerates and grows while you rest and sleep and is essential for reducing levels of cortisol in our body enabling us to stress less. Studies have proven we need 7-8 hours a sleep for our body to do this.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are just two of our modern-day plagues that can be greatly reduced if we respected our body enough to let it sleep.

Action Step – Set your sleep schedule, working backwards from the time you must wake to help your body stress less, so you can live more. Look at your sleep environment. Is it clutter free? Do you feel calm in there? If not, what changes can you make? Remove Screens from the bedroom they disrupt neurotransmitters to help us sleep.

Mindfully Me Always

How you start the day sets the tone of what is to come next. Many of us stay in snoozeville for much to long greeted with a rushed crazy day, the day starts mental and basically gets worse and follows suit. Being present is our doorway to a more tranquil existence with calm body and mind.

Deep rhythmic belly breathing stimulates the vegus nerve which is a key part of the rest and repair system in the body. It helps us reduce stress, heart rate and blood pressure and build a stronger resilience to stressful situations. It enables us to have inner calm when we practice the connection daily. Meditation enables our brain capacity to increase, meaning it boosts our memory, our cognitive function, it calms the whole body and connects us with our inner guide enabling us to make better decisions, as well as setting an intention of gratitude for who we are and where we are at. Breathe Deep in to the Day, Meditate, practice gratitude More to Stress Less

Spend 3 minutes Breathing deep abdominal breath, while practicing your positive mantra, create something that makes you feel good and calm examples are; ‘I love everyone, and everyone loves me’ ‘I love my life and it loves me back’ I am enough, I have enough, I do Enough’

Always be grateful for three things in your life, try and pick a new three things every day. Being thankful calms our heart rate and enables the central nervous system to work properly helping us be mentally calm and strong and happy inside to out.


Hydrate & Rejuvenate

When our body is dehydrated it is stressed on a cellular level, so even if you are happy in yourself, at work and at home, you will feel the symptoms of stress! Too many of us think water is too bland to drink daily.??? This is crazy our body is over 75 % water our brain is made up of water, our adrenals need to be hydrated to secrete properly, our liver and colon need to be hydrated to eliminate toxins efficiently. Water does this even naturally pimped up water, but not water with cordials, juices, fizzy etc and not coffee or tea, or alcohol. What are you drinking?

Action Point – Set a water alarm or use an app to monitor your water intake, reduce caffeine as this stimulates the stress response instead of reduces it. Avoid sugar free drinks the sweeteners are neuro toxins that hinder our ability to be emotionally healthy. Drink More to Stress Less


Count Nutrients not Calories

A Mammoth problem we have as a society is our relationship with food and our habits around us. Too long have people been counting calories and doing everything possible to look thin, staying in the mindset of self-loathing and deprivation instead of self-love and abundance.

It is time to get Gut Savvy! What you eat feeds your cells or starves your cells and as all we are is trillions of cells vibrating to make us appear whole this is kind of important! Foods to be aware of if stressed and if ill in anyway include Gluten, dairy and sugar. These foods cause inflammation in the cells which leads to them not being able to work properly causing internal stress, they hinder absorption of nutrients due to their blocking, glumpy, mucous effect on the body which is counterproductive to the reason for eating and is a losing battle against stress and physical and emotional health.

Action Point – Try eating foods naturally free from gluten for breakfast lunch and dinner and see what difference it makes then do the same for sugar and dairy. Add in to crowd out.


Boosting your heart rate and creating a sweat actually has the ability to detox toxic cells in the brain and regenerate new healthy communicative ones! It boosts the motivation and feel good chemicals of the body and is a key daily action to stress less. We are all different so different activity will appeal to all. My faves are energy building exercises such as kundalini yoga, yoga Chi Gong, but my partner feels the most benefit from weights and cardio.

Action Point – Dedicate 30 minutes a day to increased activity, anything that raises your heartrate it may be taking the stairs, walking faster to work or classes, it is your body and your health, make the choice that serves your wellness best

All of these are key players in your mission to stress less, add on to that connecting with nature and your life’s purpose, living your dreams and you are well on your way to a tranquil body and mind and with this will come improved relationship with self and others and this above all else guarantees our success to stress less, live more, to stress less and to laugh more and to stress less and love more daily

If you would like a gazillion more hints and tips and a heart full of guidance and support for you to Stress Less and Live More then take action today to make it happen

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