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Hello to you Stress Less Superhero! This week’s blog is about how reducing stress enhances all your relationships. I learnt myself the hard way that all work and kale juice does not make us happy. What is the most important thing in all our lives is both our relationship with others and the relationship we have with ourselves. Stress related illnesses are on a very rapid rise, due to daily pressures people face to be everywhere and do everything. Stress is killing us physically and emotionally and spiritually. We must take action to enhance our connection not just with the ‘doing’ of life but for the simple and essential act of ‘being’.


Reduce Stress to Increase Patience with others.

How many disasters could have been avoided had people not said or acted in haste when they were already taking too much and ready to blow? How many dreams and relationships would remain intact had we had the physical self-control to practice the pause and be patient.

To be more patient we must at first be more relaxed to do this we must create balance with home and work life, something that I address very early on in my health coaching sessions.

  • Dedicate quiet time for you at least once a day, good times for reflecting and connecting is first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Be present, quiet and mindful
  • Swap coffee for lemon water. Coffee really gets those adrenals pumping which means your brain is wired not to be logical but to act on impulse. Lemon is high in alkalising minerals that reduce cortisol such as Vitamin C, B6 good for keeping the hormones in check and potassium which reduces blood pressure and heart disease both of which are often associated with chronic stress. A hydrated body is a less stressed body.
  • Eat to control your blood sugar levels. We all know the feeling of the ‘hanger’! This is blood sugar levels out of control. To combat this, you may have to eat little and often and always go for protein over carbs as this balances the blood sugar levels which balance our moods. Include fibre and good fats and avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners.


Reduce Stress To enhance your personal relationships

You are a busy human doing not being, you use all your energy for work of some sort, be it being a taxi and PA to your children, an entrepreneur, an employee. We all seem to be an obedient servant to something don’t we?  Our dream job, business and family are important we may have forgotten how to be with them, to connect with them on a level that once bought a twinkle in your eye and warm feeling inside. We are so busy being busy we take it for granted that those we love the most don’t just need us to do things for them they also need us to be there for them, to meet those we cherish most where they are at, and to set aside this quality time for the connections that mean most to us. Stress Less to Live, Love and laugh More

  • Schedule quality time – Many working parents feel so guilty about never having time with their spouse, their children or extended family year after year and yet never make a change. Just like you get kids to school or childminders on time, you go to parties or events or work meetings you need to schedule this in. As crazy as this sounds as you all live together it is not quality time it is constantly busy.
  • Set a date night up a minimum of once a month for you and your partner, something that ensures you will connect with eachother on a heart centred level as these feelings and moments are not just meant for the beginning of a relationship.
  • Schedule quality time with your children. I have 3 children and 2 step children and the difference it makes in our relationships with eachother and all-round happiness if we have one on one time is just priceless. I aim for one date night a week with my children which is the happiest of times and can always lift my spirits and I try to do at least one thing on a one to one with my children twice a year… It is not as often as I would like but it is always the most memorable times of the year for them and us
  • Be present- When you are with people make sure you are present, it is often the little things in life that mean the most, time is precious and when you have it with loved ones be there with them in body and mind


Reduce Stress To know yourself better

We are told from such a young age who we must be and what we must do, as if all our lives are mapped out and we accept this as our fate, we may stay in relationships and work places that are unhealthy because we think that is what we ‘should’ do. We have been so conditioned from parents and school to ‘Do Do Do’ all the time. Rarely does anyone ask us who we are, what we would do if we felt free and why we are not doing it. Reduce stress to spend time with yourself, just you, remember when you had dreams, remember when you had time to just be you?  The only wrong we can ever do is to forget who we truly are.

  • Journal – To enhance the relationship with yourself and your external relationships have a gratitude journal. On my online course to stress less I call this evening journal session ‘Empty your head before bed’ In this I cover my day, what went on, how I feel about it and then I always write what I am grateful for, and it is then I realize just how blessed my life is, It is a wonderful tonic for everyone. It leaves me with a great big grin on my face as I fall to sleep. I also encourage some notes in the morning, ‘Pen it to the peace zone’ It is intention setting for the day ahead and a daily promise/commitment to myself about who I am going to be, how I can add value and bring happiness to myself and all those I come in to contact with.
  • Get Clear on your boundaries. Start pleasing yourself before others. It is not selfish it is essential. You can not continue to give to others if you are running on empty. Decide on your boundaries and stick to them. It is ok to say No to people and places if that is how you feel.

You matter! Treat yourself like you are the most valuable commodity you have… because you are!

I know it is hard to know where to begin when it comes to reducing stress, and boosting mood and energy I am here to help, go to now to schedule your free 30 minute discovery call and discover how you can be the change you want to see.