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Peace Power

Hello one and all

I feel like now is the perfect time to remind you and share my recent experiences of how changing my mindset and choosing peace of mind is changing my life

I am sure you are the same as me and have often thought your life is akin to the movie groundhog day? How many times have you woke up with the mindset same shit different day and start the day with the exact same thoughts as you do every day.

As soon as we open our eyes it’s like we have an audio to do list playing on repeat with a side order of negative self talk about how you are never good enough. Do you relate?

Well I can tell you from my experiences that our thoughts, if left to autopilot never will give us the opportunity to just be. It is a sign of being in chronic stress to have an urgency’ to do’ all the time and this is the sure fire way to make sure your journey here is not a peaceful happy joy filled affair.

When life gives us a drama or a disaster, something that scared you, hurt you and shocked you, your brain tries to protect you from ever having that experience again. Another way to see this is your brain drives you to make decisions from a place of fear, a place that is unsupported, a life that is scary with many risks you must avoid at all costs.

I myself am only now breaking the trauma pattern that I did not even know I was in until I started meditating and writing daily. I thought I was healed, I thought I had moved on but the reality is quite different. The only thing that has moved on is life, my life, everyone’s life, everything changed except my mind and my thought process.

I have unknowingly been living in fear for the best part of the last 6 years!! Finally I am creating more freedom every day and it is bringing me both peace and prosperity and above all daily joy and gratitude.

I have been living in fear of losing everything again, of being poor, of not being able to afford my house, my children’s stuff etc. I have been living in fear of my lovely fiance turning in to a different person who will bully me and try and destroy me. In short I have been living in fear of failure on every level and I didn’t  even know it!

Every attempt I tried to take me forward left me frustrated and treading water, until I broke down and my partner said to me “Please, just stop doing so much, just relax, enjoy your baby, look after the family and let me look after you. Let me look after everything else for now.”

When he said that to me, it was crazy it was like I needed the permission to do nothing, that I would not be cast out for just being and not providing, and that he loves me so much, he would do and make anything happen to make me feel at ease. He loves me unconditionally, he does not love me because I provide, or because of I look after the children or look a certain way, he loves me in a way that he wants me to love myself, exactly the way I am.

Loving yourself is caring for yourself, caring for the thing you value the most. We must always value our self not for what we do or have but who we are.

I can honestly say if I could make one new year wish for the whole world it would be to love yourself and accept yourself on a soul level and to know this is the only thing you need to do on a daily basis; everything else is a distraction, often responsible for us losing our self.

I have been internally stressed for many years off the back of trauma, but now as I approach my 40th year I am finding the more peace I have the more prosperity I attract, the happier I am and the safer I feel following not the voice of ego which is the voice of fear, lack and worry but instead the voice of my soul.  I am living in faith and this is making the risks I am taking exciting not scary. Every day I remember who I am a little more and every day I know with faith and love I give myself peace and soul satisfaction and this is giving me something I have not had for a while which is peace of mind and this is what I wish for all of you as we approach the new decade.

The only thing your audio to do list needs to say to you is

‘know thyself’

Enjoy the festivities and live your soul purpose daily, as this is where you power lays, I have left you one of my favorite affirmations I am using at the moment

‘I am the giver and taker of peace and prosperity’

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OOdles of love

Becky McQueen