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Let’s face it, we are all very used to and maybe even addicted to being busy! All I hear from people is ‘There is not enough time’, ‘I don’t have enough energy’, ‘It is just not possible’. In a nutshell, we find daily life overwhelming and it is not hard to see why. Women today are the most stressed out in the population, with working women more stressed out than those that don’t and Working Mothers winning the prize for ‘Most Stressed Out Members Of the UK Population’. It is not hard to see why, when we just by our nature want to do it all and do it all to the very best of our ability. We put so much ‘perfection pressure’ on us that we refuse to take a break, sit still and rest. We feel guilty about doing nothing, when doing nothing regularly is actually the key to getting more done.

We have turned in to a generation of human doings instead of human beings and we are suffering because of it. When we are on the go constantly and running on adrenaline in the chronic stressed out stage we are opening up a can of worms on every level. We need the stress response to save us from a dangerous situation, to act impulsively and quickly but not necessarily wisely. When we stay in this state constantly, not in danger, but in the mode of doing and being everything for the family, our partners, our friends our work we are unable to let our body and mind rest, repair and regenerate. It is worth mentioning the horrible reality of the rise in our children’s mental health can be attributed to the same issue. The business of Busi-ness has a lot to answer for and we need to make the decision to be the change we need to see.

The Solution is Meditation

It is not possible to maintain the pace we insist on pursuing and to continue to feel good, have good relationships and make good decisions. Meditation and mindfulness takes less time than you probably spend scrolling on your social media or staring at your phone but will actually buy you more productivity and energy

Meditation is the easy solution to all stress induced issues. Just a daily practice of 15 minutes of meditation has the following benefits.

  • Enhances Clarity and Focus, meaning you will achieve more success and happiness in all areas of home, personal and work life
  • Boosts your immune System – meaning less time off work or school
  • Reboots your physical and mental energy but being present, calming the inner chatter and breathing new life in to your cells
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts your mood – It allows you the head space to be grateful and at peace in the present instead of fretful and worried or guilty about past or future
  • Boosts creativity – It is like a reboot to our creative side. Chronic stress has us in a reactive state, no new fresh good ideas or plans come from this place, for this we need calm internal space.
  • Reduces anxiety – Brings you in to the present moment and when practiced daily is the perfect tool for practicing the pause, reflecting instead of reacting right away to a potentially negative situation
  • Boosts memory and is a tool that scientists believe can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer disease

How To meditate

We don’t all have to be sitting in the lotus pose chanting OM… although I personally am a huge fan of chanting mantra for focus and stress relief, we just have to be still, conscious in the moment and with an awareness of the present.

To get the most benefits from meditation, like everything you need to do it daily. The best times are of course in the morning and in the evening just before sleep. Morning Meditation wakes our body up in a healthy energized way, ready, instead of panicked or fatigued. At night, it is an opportunity to empty your head before bed, to process and leave the day behind you, which in turn enhances your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep

Ideally you would work towards at least 15 minutes a day, but you can start at 5 and work your way up. It is super easy to add in to your day as even if you lack the confidence, know how or maybe concentration there are several apps or you tube videos that can help, anything from meditation music to guided meditation all available to us at any time to choose whatever works for you.

Being that I am a busy Mum of soon to be 6 there are of course days I don’t get up in time or get them to bed too late, but I have learnt to just take time to enjoy breakfast or the car journey and just notice and be thankful for all the blessings I have around me. When we make our own self care a priority we will always find the time and the place to meditate and be mindful, just the same as we do for all our other tasks that get done.

It is not about thinking about nothing but about being conscious of our thoughts, allowing them, acknowledging them, letting them in and letting them go. I am a big fan of the breath work with meditation. I find as I count my breathe in, hold and out, this becomes my focus more that my thoughts. This makes the parasympathetic nervous system kick in and relax enabling my body and mind to achieve a wonderful restorative calm balance and sit in my rest and digest mode. It also brings with me a great clarity of action that I want to do and I get 100% more stuff done and handle my emotions 100% better when I am in the peace zone.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted then take some time out to meditate today, and then the next day and the day after that and just watch the positive impact this has on every area of your life and your physical and emotional health

If you don’t know where to start you can download  my free morning mindset meditation for the modern day superwoman and listen to it  here

Remember to always treat yourself like you are the greatest asset that you have, because you are. Nourish and Nurture Yourself first to add more value to others