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I’ve had a day that has me feeling shitty. I dread full moons, as no doubt does my family as its days before my period and perfectly aligned with my inability to emotionally regulate…. Yes! More than usual!

Basically I lose my shit easily, I grieve harder and my empathy for others pain is on full throttle, it feels debilitating for a few days.

I have tried Yoga, supplements, exercise.. everything to avoid what appears to be the unavoidable low 24-48 hours which always falls at the full moon.

I only feel better when I am on my own with it, I’ve written about it before, I’m a little obsessed! I’ve shared how I feel the light of the moon shines to reveal the feelings and emotions we keep hidden either due to them being too painful or too inconvenient to feel with all our busy-ness.

Being that we are water , our cells vehicle for transport is water or bodily fluids the moon brings stuff  to the surface, our cells store emotions, they are like our hardrive to every experience we’ve ever had, the pleasure and the pain and you can guarantee when the moons gravitational pull is the strongest, its gonna get messy, true and real!

Its a fact that there is increased violence (emotions that stem from anger, jealousy, hurt, pain triggers) in psyche wards and prisons and open air crime when the moon is full.

Greek philosopher Aristotle believed madness and epilepsy were caused by the moon…. and obviously I can completely relate to the werewolf folk story, maybe they were just talking about an uncontrollable beast in the form of rage emerges every full moon lol!

Now I am having some reflective time and have stopped resisting the pull to feel pain and express myself I feel much better. It feels like a good cellular cleansing has miraculously taken place, and it feels that way because it has What we resist persists as its there to show us something we need to see to continue successfully on our lifes journey on our healers journey.

I hear everyday ‘I just want to be happy’ , it is all anyone wants and it seems so elusive, its been studied many times by many people, the science of happiness. It isn’t stability it isn’t thinner legs it isn’t even the love of your life, its perspective , its bringing positivity in to the present.

Right now everywhere I look there is doom and gloom, misery, discontentment, unrest and uncertainty. Its more contagious than any illness, spreading like wildfire, a plague on humanity, the truest most toxic pandemic going, all just looking frantically for the person that has the solution the magic pill, all the answers.

For as long as we see the world as a place filled with grief and sorrow that’s what we will experience. As long as we notice the pain and the problems that is what we will have more of.

It’s all about perceptions, we still have a choice!

Lets choose peace, love, kindness, compassion, these are the greatest human qualities, our greatest defence and alliance to be grateful for all that we have with us and around us.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Wayne Dyer

We are all in this together, all one love, one planet, global consciousness is said to drive our existing reality which is a fascinating concept I am looking more in to, and if it is true then lets live with faith and love not fear and anger, and even if it isn’t true lets let love of self and others be the only choice we make for ourselves and each other for our present and our future


Much Love