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What Now and What Next

This is hard, make no mistake, it is hard not being able to see friends and family, not having our freedom to go where we like or sit a while and take in a natural beauty spot. It is hard to be an enlightened human at this time.

So many times over history the higher powers either via Chinese whispers or movies, newspaper, radio , news give us the news ‘we need to hear’. They also get to decide anything that does not agree with them is fake news. I always try and practice my own thinking, but how do we know we are right in our thinking or our beliefs or how much our natural personality determines fact from fiction?

Well I would like to say we use our gut instinct, but too many of us can’t rely on that because the gut instinct and the heart and mind connection has been dumbed down over the years with GMO food, excessive sugar consumption, regular alcohol intake, and both recreational and pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Truth antenna and our own independent thinking has been short circuited by our own hand, by our trust in progress and convenience instead of purpose and passion.

We have disregarded our own health and well being and that of the family unit and the planet and just abused it and now what consequences can this have on us? We are easily fooled and manipulated and we have been brainwashed by the power of their secret weapon of ‘confusion’.  We are given information access overload and it is not good for our emotional well being or our independent decision making. No matter what camp we are in, crazy-conspiracy-critical thinkers or conformists, belief in the system that is set up to serve us the people not profit to pocket. It can cause panic, upset and negative feelings and worse of all fear. Fear is the lowest vibration feeling in existence, it is the sure fire way to weaken us physically, emotionally and spiritually and it is shoved in our face and down our necks relentlessly every day.

All media should be renamed, News, Bad News, Facebook  ‘fearbook’, and instagram ‘instaenvy’, twitter, ‘twatter’. Etc etc.T he world is not as hopeless and as evil as we are told. The feelings of hope and love are the strongest vibration feelings in existence and people have that naturally. That is our natural state until we are conditioned and polluted and re routed from our souls destination to one where we do not know what way to turn.

How many of your decisions are based on Love and how many on Fear? How many of your decisions are based from a lack mindset than one of abundance?

Standard parenting and schooling all conforms to the ‘Fear factor’, all lessons, if you do not conform you will lose out or be punished in some way, bad things will happen if we do not obey. This is the underlying message. One that completely lacks the spiritual/human gifts of faith, hope, trust and love

Time to wake up! This is a time when all the manipulation has reached a peak, the powers that govern us are corrupt and their agenda is not for the individual but for the state or for their ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ that they keep chucking in there.

I am having good and bad days like everyone right now. I am ‘confused by the message of the biased ‘WHO’, Who are basically owned by BIG Pharma  and people who benefit from it,and the contradictory message of Doctors, Nurses and information that is available to you if you look about what is happening and what is planned to happen.

Of course this is HUGELY OVERWHELMING. I believe there to be always two sides to everything being that the law of duality makes it so. I believe there is a rocky road ahead what ever belief system you adhere to. BUT, I believe if we can research facts from fake news and if we can limit our exposure to doom and gloom and connect with LOVE, with source from which our spirits are all part of we will remember the human being has rights as an individual. We are owned by no one, we come here with free will to make our decisions. We are not owned by anyone, it is our choice how we protect our bodies and our minds and we must take this time of slower pace to remember that and think about what it means for us as the individual as the individual forms part of the collective consciousness. Depending on what way that consciousness goes depends on our final destination at the end of this rocky road.

I am a mother before all things, a mother to wonderful amazing children who deserve a free world to live in, a world of love and peace not fear as the weapon of control, a world where we have a choice a world which is not manipulated or dictated by those who stand to benefit the most financially a world where peace, compassion, health and happiness is the only agenda for all.

How do we get here?

We raise our vibration and I will be giving more details of that in part two of this blog But it starts at home and it starts with you. How we live, what we think and what we do now is what will be the determining factor in the next chapter of our human story. So high vibe people, breathe, be in peace, meditate, hydrate with good quality water, eat well, be kind to yourself and be kind to each other and we will reach where we all want to be in a safe, happy, beautiful, abundant world full of wonder and full of people who care about good news, faithbook, instasmiles and tweeter times. Always remember the strongest force in the universe is Love, may we be it, may we feel it, may we see it.

In Good Health and a bucket load of happiness