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Hug A Tree and Heal Your Spirit

I am a huge fan of the woods and the forest. I have a very busy active mind which I love but I need it to rest sometimes and my favorite most effective way to do this is to run to the forest. I feel energized as soon as i see those wonderful big tree trunks just begging me to give them a big hug! Yes I am a firm believer in not only visiting the forest but giving the trees a big squeeze too.

I am a Self Confessed Loud And Proud Tree Hugger

Don’t write me off as a fruit loop who has just gone all ‘nuts and berries’ on you yet though. Lets look as the studies and proven facts of why forest time is a wonderful and I believe a very essential tool to reduce those cortisol levels and stress less.

According to a book written by Matthew Silverstone, there is evidence that trees provide health benefits for mental illnesses such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and depression. Children function better cognitively and emotionally when they interact with plants. Although many believe it’s the green open spaces that contribute to the effect, Silverstone demonstrates that the vibrational properties of trees and plants offer health benefits.

Forest bathing is a creative term for something our ancestors have known for a long time: nature heals. It comes from the Japanese phrase “shinrin-yoku,” which means taking in the forest atmosphere, and was first proposed in 1982 by the Forest Agency of Japan as a wellness and relaxation activity to promote good health – especially for those who lived in cities.

Hugging a tree increases levels of  the calm hormone oxytocin.  When you hug a tree, the hormones serotonin and dopamine are released and make you feel happier.

If the idea of giving a tree a hug is a bit too woo woo for you just now then don’t despair, just being in the forest has been proven to make us stronger and healthier and I believe in me it creates emotional resilience and an ability to recharge and face any difficult situation I may be experiencing

Forest Bathe to Stress Less and Live Longer and increase Longevity
  •  Essential oils in the air that trees release called phytoncides boost your immune system and mental and physical strength, they have even been shown to increase the number of killer cells in the body. These cells boost our immune system helping us to fight of sickness and disease of both body and mind
  • Reduces Cortisol in the body which makes us feel less stress and more calm
  • Improves your mood and encourages a more positive outlook, by connecting with source, nature we allow our spirits to rest and remember who we are.
  • Forest Bathing is a  Natural energizer of both body and mind
  • Being in the forest, clears our head and improves quality of thought, which helps us in turn be grateful for all we have and all that we are as well as enabling us to solve problems and answer unanswered questions
  • It instills connection to our inner guide which is crucial to slow down, recap and go forward in life in a positive direction.

Personally when I go there, I talk with the voices in my head, not a form of schizophrenia but instead the part of me that already knows the answers. We all have these voices but too often the negative cautious voice is on constant. When we are free to be in nature we can hear that voice in us that say;s “You can do this, keep moving forward, be brave and be the change you wish to see in your life”

Simply being among trees, breathing fresh air, and walking at a comfortable pace can do our bodies and minds a world of good.

We spend much to much time in our little or big boxes, travelling to and fro from here to there without truly allowing ourselves to just stand still and be.

The forest for me is where I feel at home and the same as I crave for a house in the forest, to be connected with who I truly am as much as possible, I wish the same for you. Nature always has the answer to the healing of our health be it of physical or emotional healing.

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