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We are now 4 months in to 2020 and a new normal has been issued to us. Words like ‘Lock-down’ ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay home, stay safe’ are the new norm and as chaos appears to reign there is a calm to the more familiar storm of every day life. Life before lock down was undeniably manic for all of us, too manic, too much.

I have been experiencing so many emotions since this happened ranging from elation at being free of the clock to fear of the unknown and every emotion in between, I am after all human.

Today I had a particularity irritating day as I started so well and expected my work day to be very productive… and it wasn’t! All day my family gave me space to work and all I had was chaos

At this unprecedented time of our ‘TIME’ being our own I do not want to waste the opportunity so I do what I have been conditioned by society to do all my life and put pressure on myself! Crazy!  Lock down is teaching me so much about myself that I thought I had covered. I now truly get to hear the noise in my head, the real noise caused by those silent but violent limiting beliefs. I need to allow the noise to settle in my head to let the clouds clear and to accept the chains of limits have been taken off and now I must create my own personal normal.

The future is uncertain on many fronts, there is contradictory advice and information everywhere, all of what has happened so suddenly was not part of the plan I had or any of us had this year, but here we are in it.

When uncertainty is everywhere and the foundation of society you thought were solid is collapsing what can we do?

Accept it – Accept we are in an unknown territory, people can speculate various outcomes but none of us know. Faith and patience are our tools now. Faith in the bigger plan that we are yet to see.

Patience – Personally I need patience with both the COVID-19 situation and myself. I am not used to having time.. I feel like actually I have been released from the prison of time which is all I’ve known my whole life.

What a strange revelation to find freedom in captivity and then to be so conditioned and enslaved to the status quo we have either no idea what to do or no idea where to start with all you want to do that you end up running around like a headless chicken!

It has opened me up to the reality that although I know and work with the knowledge we have free will, we make our own choices; I realize I still have layers upon layers of limiting belief programs I am running which even now I have been given ‘MY TIME’ back, I make excuses and procrastinate on progress.

Procrastination and perfection syndrome = Going nowhere fast!

The solution to these 2 things lies in progress and patience.

If I can just make progress towards something that matters to me, no matter how small, then I am one step closer than I was yesteryear.

Patience, a virtue I lack when it comes to progress can teach me to be present in the present!

So now no one is dictating to me my time, apart from my tribe of 6 obviously how can I make progress and be patient and present?

I must set an intention. It may be to do nothing but be present, be noting and do nothing and that is OK. I will set a leisurely schedule with plenty of freedom to be, to feel, to think, to play, to laugh, to cook to learn, to read, to love, to laugh for this is the magic of the human being. To grow in love, compassion and consciousness while exploring our own personal souls journey. A journey to discover the self and experience the self and the cosmos as one with no enforced restrictions on my time and my mind.

Truly a revolutionary time for the free thinker to be free to think.

Do your own thinking, connect your own dots, do your own unbiased research and make whatever decisions you feel best. This is a moment in history we will never forget, nobody will, this is the time the pause button got hit; this is the time to remember who you are, remember your dreams your desires, move out of your own way, ask for guidance accept your greatness and your capacity to receive all of it or something better.

The singular and  collective consciousness of the human being focused on love, faith, hope and trust is pure magic for any crisis be it global or personal.

Always just be Love x

Thank you for reading to the end.

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