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I believe in being part of the solution, all of us have a role and a duty to play in taking care of our planet and those who live here. We need to live in line with nature and stop polluting ourselves and our planet and Essential oils are the perfect way to do this alongside good healthy habits and good nutrition. I beleieve through natural solutions we can be the change we want to see in the world and be proud of the planet we leave to the next generations. To be part of the solution not the problem is the only way forward…..

dōTERRA Essential Oils

dōTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionising the way families manage their health.
I was first drawn to this particular company for essential oils as the purity of the product and the growing methods means as well as aromatically and topically some of these oils I could take iternally. I started using wild orange in my raw chocolate baking and was delighted I could now have my favourite flavour  chocolate without the negative effects I get from synthetic orange flavouring. I was then introduced to the doterra DIY site where I was delighted I could make all my own cleaning products. For me this is yet another way to protect myself, my family and the planet from plastic pollution, damaging aquatic life and preventing allergies and diseases in the home by avoiding toxic chemicals completly.
Their benefits on physical and emotional health are instant and amazing and they don’t depend on the need for you to have a healthy gut although they can help you create one.
Just some of the uses of these popular oils are below.

Peppermint to help reduce bloating or gas, and to aid with clear breathing, and can be used to assist the reduction of a fever.

Lavender to help ease the discomfort of itchy skin, calm anxiety and aid sleep

Deep Blue to help reduce the tension around your forehead

Clary Sage to help provide comfort from pre-menstrual symptoms

Digestzen to aid digestion and maintain overall digestive health

Melaleuca to cleanse the skin, and can promote a healthy immune function as well as being an essential ingredient in my household cleaning

On Guard to protect against environmental threats and help support a healthy respiratory function and making the best non toxic, chemical laden mouthwash ever!

dōTERRA pure essential oils support and enhance perfectly a natural approach to living and parenting and I would love to share with you how you can do the same.

Learn More

Join me in my classes and workshops where I introduce you to the essentials kit, which you can put to multi-uses right away. Check out the store page for the various workshops available where you have the opportunity to make your own non toxic health and cleaning products for you, your family and your home.

All who come receive a free copy of my e-book Alkalise Me, Foodie Freebies and a free health coaching session with myself on food and lifestlye.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following:

Breastfeeding and New Mums– what diet and natural remedies can support our babies through these stages.

*Juice up the fussy eaters– Learning and making juices and smoothies to help nourish your fussy eaters.

* An allergy free home zone – A make your own cleaning products workshop, learn about the healthier more natural alternatives, to plug in air fresheners and cleaning products dangerous to us and  marine life


How to Buy dōTERRA Essential Oils

If you would like to go ahead and buy some oils based without attending a class then you can do so here. The best way to buy the oils direct is with a wholesale account, that way you get a minimum of 25% discount on all orders as well as freebies and special offers AND best of all continued support and education on how to use them which is amazingly helpful for making this part of your life. 

It costs £24 to set up a wholesale account, but it is well worth it considering the discounts you get, if you make an order monthly you can qualify for up to 55% off their products which is a godsend as you will find you use them daily very frequently.

If you follow the link and open your account you will also receive a free 50 minute session with myself on not just how to use the oils but also how to adapt and change where needed your diet and lifestyle.

Sign Up And Save and start or enhance your journey to a toxic free living zone, whilst also helping yourself, the planet and others