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Happy Yuletide to you all.  As you may know before we celebrated the christian festival of Christmas, our ancestors who only knew the old religion of the earth celebrated the seasons which was connected to the skies and the actions of the moon and the sun. 21st of December is the winter solstice in northern hemisphere and when yuletide is traditionally celebrated. Family and Friends got together to celebrate the return of the sun god, where on the darkest day of the year makes way for the return of the sun god, for planting of seeds for new growth in to the new year.

Gifts that were given were ones of nourishment and togetherness, of being thankful for all that was provided from the year that is passing, all we have to celebrate in each other and the plentiful world we live in.

It is of course a lot more commercial now, and actually our celebrations tend to be one that does not nurture and respect our body’s or our earth as we consume at a rate never known before.

This Christmas/yuletide, weather you spend it quietly or in party mode, take some time out to acknowledge all the good you have experienced this year. All the blessings that have come, and think about what great things you would like the next year to bring and start planting the seeds for the successful growth of these desires.

When we live with gratitude for all we have received either in love, experience, health or wealth it empowers us to give something back to causes that are in need and less fortunate for ourselves

5 ways you can give back from a grateful heart

1, Grateful for your home – Give to the homeless, in this article it informs you of may charities and ways you can help the homeless this Christmas.

2, Grateful for your wealth – Give to those who are less fortunate. In the UK there are many households that can not even afford to heat their homes or feed their children, never mind buy presents. The inequality is so sad and very real. There are charities that help that you could contribute to here are two suggestions depending on what you can do.

3, Grateful for your freedom – Give to those who have no voice, let’s take animal agriculture for example -, What kinder menu choices could you use this year to save the life of  10 million Turkeys that lose their life in ‘seasonal slaughterhouses’ at Christmas? In the wild they would live for around 10 years, they are reared and killed at 9 and 24 weeks old, they are babies! They are able to communicate with each other and if we could understand what they had to say I know our empathy would stop the mass slaughter of sentient beings. we love our pigs in blankets don’t we and our gammon. If you knew pigs are said to be more sentient and intelligent than dogs would you still eat them? We would never eat a dog. so why a pig?, If a pig is named they will remember their name and respond to it, they are clever and communicate like dogs just not verbally, how does that sit with you? And a nice bit of beef, well apart from the fact our addiction to beef is killing our planet and our knives and forks potentially are true weapons of mass destruction, these animals are used, abused and tortured for our taste buds and our right to eat what we want? The government are said to have voted that animals don’t have feelings??? Well, enough said about government… weather you believe that or not, we human beings do feel, we do have a conscious and we do have empathy, we can make a different choice. For a kinder Christmas dinner to both the planet, the animals and your body think about going plant based on your Christmas day this year

4, Grateful for family to spend time with  – Give your time and attention to less fortunate people, invite them  to your home to celebrate and welcome them with love. Loneliness at Christmas and suicide is on the rise every year, do your bit to make a difference to just one persons life, we all the power with our actions to create the ripple effect.

5, Grateful for your presents under the tree – Give the gift of presence. I often talk about the importance of the human connection, for being present with people, for truly listening and being with each other in the moment. We have so many distractions around us, we can easily miss things. Time will always be our most valuable commodity, we can never get a second back.. Be present with the people you are sharing the festivities with and be grateful you have them. Let’s do it old skool, don’t give the kids the screens, unless it is something that can be shared together that brings joy. Around this time, this holiday season take in the beauty of the people in your life, for the people you share your journey here with truly are the most precious gift of all

Take nothing for granted and appreciate everything, you are blessed beyond measure and if you focus on what you have to be grateful for you will increase feelings of joy and attract more health and abundance in to your life.

Happy Holiday Season, whatever your reason for celebrating do it with love, care and presence

Rebecca McQueen