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A health Coach, A mum of 6 in a blended family, A daughter who lost her Dad and all this while turning 40 and living through covid19 craziness

. taking a break from being of service and working on my own personal transformation, juggling a lot of balls, using all I have learnt with the goal to thrive at 40. Wish me luck

Lunatic Rhythm Download

Greek philosopher Aristotle believed madness and epilepsy were caused by the moon…. and obviously I can completely relate to the werewolf folk story, maybe they were just talking about an uncontrollable beast in the form of rage emerges every full moon lol!

The Healers Journey

The car crash I had recently, seemed to have triggered an uncontrollable release of grief at the experience of losing my dad earlier this year. Flashbacks of being told he would not make the journey home and would die, just stay like a heavy weight in my thoughts and...

Finding Myself At 40

If you follow me, you will know recently I decided to sit back from my private practice to focus on an opportunity within the NHS and to dedicate my website, for now at least to my other passion which is writing. Where would I be without my thought downloads at the...

Find Peace in The Present Moment

We are now 4 months in to 2020 and a new normal has been issued to us. Words like 'Lock-down' 'social distancing' and 'stay home, stay safe' are the new norm and as chaos appears to reign there is a calm to the more familiar storm of every day life. Life before lock...

Peace Power

Hello one and all I feel like now is the perfect time to remind you and share my recent experiences of how changing my mindset and choosing peace of mind is changing my life I am sure you are the same as me and have often thought your life is akin to the movie...

Hi Becky, just wanted to thank you for giving me so much more information on Friday, it has been the best and most positive information I have had regarding my long suffering and battle with depression and now relised that food and nutrition and WATER is a massive part of healing the long debilitating depression that myself and many others suffer. Thank you so much for the inspiration to take depression and fight it with food and not just medication. Looking forward now to see my life with a different view. Anyone who reads this please take the advice that if you suffer with depression please look into food and your nutrition for the reason it could be your answer to making your depression easier to cope with each day. My new diet is starting today so no more crap foods hear come the good mood foods and LOTS of WATER. Thanks again Becky speak soon Lesa x Lesa Vernon