Tired Of Being Tired?

Fed Up of Being Fed Up?

Lost your Way in health and life?

Need to reconnect with your passion and purpose?

Change = Health = Happiness

Stress Less to live more

Welcome to the solution to constantly feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed and unsatisfied in life. Stress is a key factor in many things, physical health,  emotional health, and our realtionships all suffer when we feel stressed. Stress and anxiety is on the rise every year not just in adults but also in children and teenagers and we have to stop ask ourselves why and then take action and  be the change we want to see, and need to see in the world.

Welcome to the world of health coaching, easy to implement  bespoke programs to bring the health of your body, your emotions and your relationships back in to balance.  When working together, we discover where you are at with your health and your life and help you re-discover, where and who you want to be and then make it happen. By prescribing lifestyle medicine in the form of food, hydration, healthy habits such as activity, breathwork, meditation, sleep and assessing and re-evaluating personal boundaries to put you on the path for life of feeling energised and excited about the day ahead, to live free from daily emotional tourment and struggle, to help you remember who you are and give you the life long tools to stress less and live more for life. All there is for you to do now is to take action and  choose the right program for you and begin to start to live happier and healthier for life.

Change= Happiness = Health


Hi Becky, just wanted to thank you for giving me so much more information on Friday, it has been the best and most positive information I have had regarding my long suffering and battle with depression and now relised that food and nutrition and WATER is a massive part of healing the long debilitating depression that myself and many others suffer. Thank you so much for the inspiration to take depression and fight it with food and not just medication. Looking forward now to see my life with a different view. Anyone who reads this please take the advice that if you suffer with depression please look into food and your nutrition for the reason it could be your answer to making your depression easier to cope with each day. My new diet is starting today so no more crap foods hear come the good mood foods and LOTS of WATER. Thanks again Becky speak soon Lesa x Lesa Vernon

Stress Less Live More HEALTH COACHING

Did you know that what you eat and drink and how you sleep and play directly effect your stress levels and your emotional and physical health? By implementing diatary and lifestyle changes you will feel and look energised and revitalised as opposed to frazzled and fried! 

  •  You NEED more energy NOW!
  •  You NEED to feel less stressed and more happy
  • You NEED change now and are commited to learning and working hard to achieve it
  • You NEED to balance your weight
  • You WANT to understand how the right food and lifestyle habits can put you in control of all aspects of your health in a very positvie way.
  • You NEED to work with an expert who can shotcut through the ‘if’, ‘but’ and ‘why’ and the ‘can’ and ‘must do’s’
  • You NEED to know how to eat right for you and boost your mental and physical health!
  • You Are Tired of Being Tired
  • Fed up of being Fed Up
  • Want Control of your emotions instead of them controlling you?
  • This coaching program is designed to reduce your cortisol levels from the inside out!




I’ve just had a very interactive session in the kitchen. Not teaching me how to cook but for someone who works full time and always states ‘they don’t have the time to cook’ I made five dishes within 30 mins all nourishing and nutrition dense and so easily done, who doesn’t have an hour on a Sunday afternoon to do this, no more excuses from me now on.looking forward to my next appt. thanks Becky xx

kay Maggs

Passion and Purpose Coaching – Remember Who You Are

  • The other reason we suffer stress is if we are living without purpose and have forgotten who we are and are continuoulsy living to make others comfortable and happy instead of ourselves. We lose ourselves and our body’s way of telling us to make a change is to drain us of energy and joy. This is not what you are here for, it is time to remember who you are. Your stress is related to your life choices!

  • You LACK direction in life or have lost your way and need to reconnect with who you are
  • You NEED to connect with your purpose and passion and pursue it.
  • You NEED to increase your self worth and your confidence
  • You are READY for  a better relationship with yourself and others
  • You NEED to create lifelong healthy boundaries in your daily self care routine
  • You NEED to get clear on the direction of important areas of your life such as your health, finances, career, hobbies, interests and relationships to live a fuller life, a better life for longer
  • Implement energising food & lifestyle habits
  • Enhance your relationship with yourself so you can enhance relations with family, friends and partners.
  • Replenish body and mind to conect with who you came here to be
Becky is wonderful; dedicated, kind and really committed to making a difference. I can’t recommend her enough! She is down to earth, extremely knowledgable and committed to helping you achieve your dreams. My experience of Becky has been life changing! She is an inspirational woman who is honest and hardworking: committed to helping you make the most of yourself and your situation – whatever it is that you need! Hannah Mordew


Being Mum naturally

Working Mums are the most stressed out in the UK population today, we are expected to work like we don’t have children and raise children like we don’t have work…. We need to nourish and nurture ourselves, so we can do the same for our family.

Together we bring balance and happiness in to the home both phyiscally and emotionally

Learn how to do it all without losing yourself as the wise beyonce once sung ‘If I lose myself I lose it all’ This is not an options.

As both a woman and a mother you are blessed with the gifts of creation, together let us learn how to create health and happiness in our lives and the ones we love the most.

Connect with your mother energy, your intuition and be a happy and healthy Mum, while raising the next generation 

Early this year or late last year I attended a stress less workshop, as a working mum whose daughters schedule and my working hours clash massively! Trying to be a wife and friend who never seems to have enough time in the day to please everyone (so I think) I needed help… massive external influences affecting my confidence in work and health problems from almost 5 years ago factoring heavily on my ability to chill or sleep.. stress/anxiety at an all time high… after spending a good few hours with Rebecca I decided to take one to one sessions and what a difference a day makes!! Not only am I learning new techniques but then the stress less app arrives … a mission our quest to stress less and be healthier… I love it � even when I feel low I listen to the videos the meditation reflect on what I have learnt so far and reminder of what to do. Clair Cox

Banking PA

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Testimonials From Happy & Healthy Clients

Becky is a god send! She has been working with me for over a year now after seeing a video she posted about mental health and links with the food we eat. Since working with Becky, I have developed a healthier relationship with food, and understood what foods contribute to my mental health despite being gluten intolerant and a general fussy eater, resulting in improved moods �.
She is extremely helpful and supportive and helps me with way more than just food! I attended her Remember Who You Are workshop which was incredibly encouraging with my continuing journey.
Thank you so much for your continuing help and support xxx

Alex Shepherd


Rebecca is absolutely amazing!! Highly recommend! She just oozes kindness and knowledge. I have cut out everything she suggested and already, 1 week later I feel amazing!
Rebecca has been at hand since,answering any queries I have had and there to support xx

Katie Morgan